Meet Our Family!

Let Sarah introduce you to the amazing residents here at Creative Haven Homestead!

woman holding a holland lop rabbit with a man petting the rabbit


Species and breed: Rabbit, Holland Lop

Joined Creative Haven: May 2017

About Pancake: Pancake was the very first pet Justin and I adopted together. He was full of spunk, sass, and snuggles. He was a certified Emotional Support Animal (ESA), so he got to live on campus with me! He made quite the impression on our college campus.

He was adopted from My Hope’s In You and we began our lifelong affiliation and friendship with the organization.

Pancake crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2020. He is sincerely missed.

Andy & Ollie

Species and breed: Rabbit, Netherland Dwarf & Holland Lop
Joined Creative Haven: February 2019
About Andy & Ollie: Andy (gray Netherland Dwarf) and Ollie (tan Holland Lop) joined our family when an acquaintance was looking to rehome them. We were their last option before surrendering them to a shelter. Justin agreed we should take them in because Ollie looked just like Pancake; he couldn’t say no.
These bonded boys love each other so much. They play together, groom each other, and snuggle together. Andy likes to show his displeasure with a good thump if things don’t go his way. Ollie is the friendlier of the pair, and will go up to strangers and ask for pets. Andy prefers to sit on mom’s shoulder during out-time while Ollie explores the room.
black and white dog smiling at camera


Species and breed: Dog, American Bulldog / Pittie / Corgi mutt

Joined Creative Haven: August 2019

About Winston: Winston made his way up to a shelter in PA after getting rescued from a hoarding situation in Texas. They had over 70 dogs in one home! Winston is an exceedingly special boy. He has a goofy personality that would make anyone smile, and he’s so gentle with every animal in the house. Even the rabbits trust him completely. He’s a mama’s boy through and through. His favorite activities include taking naps with mom, sitting on mom’s lap, giving mom kisses, and posing for mom’s camera.

Alexander Hamsterton

Species and breed: Hamster, Roborovski (robo) Dwarf 

Joined Creative Haven: July 2020

About Alex: Alex was another My Hope’s In You rescue! He was from an “oops” litter. Hamsters reach breeding maturity very quickly, so always separate your hamsters!
He was the runt of the litter, so he’s even smaller than your typical dwarf hamster. 
Justin came up with the name, as we were adopting him the same weekend Disney+ was releasing the recording of Broadway’s Hamilton. Most of the names are my ideas, but he won this round.
close up on face of a black cat with green eyes

Hedy Lamarr

Species and breed: Cat, Domestic Shorthair
Joined Creative Haven: May 2021
About Hedy: Hedy was brought to our vet by her previous owners for euthanization. The reason? They didn’t want her anymore. The vet refused and took her in to try and rehome her. We heard about her through the grapevine, brought her home to foster her, and after a few days, we said we weren’t bringing her back.
Hedy is spunky, smart, and snuggly (on her terms!). She’s very vocal, and her most interesting quirk is that as soon as she hears the shower running, she’ll bolt into the bathroom to dance under the falling water. 

The Girls

Species and breed: Chickens, Partridge Rock
Joined Creative Haven: April 2021
About the Flock: Repecka, Amelia Egghart, Princess Lay-a, and Nugget came to us less than a month after we moved into our house. Justin came home with a box of discount chicks from Tractor Supply and they’ve been with us since they were only a few days old. 
When you buy chicks, you can get straight run (unsexed) or pullets. Pullets are sexed as hens, but it’s only 90% accurate.
So we got a rooster in our batch of 4 pullets. Repecka has a bunch of attitude and likes to think she runs to the coop. It’s really me that’s in charge, but Repecka will sometimes try to get ahead of Justin in the pecking order.
young partridge rock chickens


Species and breed: Rabbit, Purebred Angora
Joined Creative Haven: July 2021
About Matilda: My Hope’s In You rescued Matilda and her son from a breeder. Angoras are particularly difficult to care for, but I fell in love with her sweet heart and cloud-like fur. 
When we brought her home and gave her a pen and crate, she just sat in the corner of the pen. It was almost like she was scared to leave it; she didn’t know what to do with more than a foot of space.
But being neighbors with Andy and Ollie has taught her how to be a pet, not a breeding machine. She’s sweet and loves snuggles and brushing.


Species and breed: Dog, Boxer / Pittie mutt
Joined Creative Haven: November 2021
About Aloy: Aloy was our first adoption from a Delaware shelter. We love BVSPCA! She was left tied to their front gate for over a day during a tropical storm. Her skin was so dry that her hair was falling out. She had scars on her body. She looked like at one point she had puppies. 
She was adopted and then returned. But when we had our meet and greet, all she could do was give Justin kisses and snuggles. She was the first of our pets to ever choose Justin over me. 
She’s struggled with some anxiety, and at first didn’t know how to live inside a house, but she is truly the sweetest girl. She just needs some time. Don’t we all?

Reese & Peanut

Species and breed: Sugar gliders, Mosaic
Joined Creative Haven: February 2022

About Reese & Peanut: This bonded pair didn’t have many options to leave the shelter. Reese had her pouch ripped off when her breeder housed her with other sugar gliders. If someone tried to breed her, it would kill her.

Peanut is neutered, but not many exotic vets have the experience to spay a female, especially one with a ripped pouch. But this shelter trusts us to give them a safe, happy home, one where neither will be bred for profit. 

They’re the most complicated animals we have to care for, but boy are they worth it!