Dogs at Weddings: How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding

Dogs at Weddings How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding (1)

As a dog parent, you know what an important role your pup plays in your life. If you’re about to tie the knot, you might wonder how to incorporate your dog into your wedding. You can’t imagine life without them, so you can’t imagine them not playing a part in the best day of your life.

And dogs in wedding photos you see on the internet are simply too cute to handle.

Thankfully, you have a bunch of options for ways to include your dog in your wedding, even if they don’t like crowds. From having your dog as ring bearer to using a puppy figurine as a cake topper, a passionate dog person can absolutely find a way to include a dog in your wedding.

For the Social Dog: Dog Ring Bearer & Dog Flower Girl

Some people have dogs that can’t get enough of the limelight. They love feeling like they’re the center of attention and feel comfortable in a crowd.

If your dog feels this way about people, you could have them as a dog ring bearer or dog flower girl. There’s nothing cuter than having your best friend bring you the symbols of your love for your partner.

If you plan on having your dog with you on your big day, you’ll need to assign someone as a dog handler. You won’t have time to take care of all your dog’s needs, and you’ll likely need someone to walk them down the aisle. Especially if you choose to have them as a dog flower girl, you’ll need someone to actually toss the flowers. If you pick someone who’s a true dog lover, they’ll feel honored to have this position. Who doesn’t want to hang out with a dog all day?

To get your pup ready for their big debut, you’ll need to make sure they look as adorable as possible with a ring bearer outfit and dog ring bearer pillow.

There are so many options when it comes to outfits for a ring bearer dog. When we got married, we chose a flower wreath that settled on Winston’s neck from David’s Bridal. We also had a bowtie collar; that’s where we affixed the rings.

Etsy has so many amazing options as well. This floral and lace collar and leash combo from ShopCashAndCo would look amazing. And this adorable mini-tux from UniqueWeddingFinds would look so cute.

Dogs at Weddings How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding
PC: Allyse Pulliam Photography

For the ring bearer pillow, you absolutely need something secure. We recommend something like what

Lastly, make sure your dog is allowed at the venue. Lots of places will allow dogs at the ceremony, but health code violations sometimes prohibit them being there for the receptions with food present. Have a plan for someone to bring the dog back to a pet-friendly hotel or someone’s house for the remainder of the day.

When we got married, we eloped at my parents’ home with only 8 guests. Because we wanted to have a completely COVID-safe wedding, we weren’t able to invite our wedding party, so my husband had a dog best man. Winston felt more than comfortable laying on his mom’s dress the whole time, so he did not need a handler.

Dogs at Weddings How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding (1)
PC: Allyse Pulliam Photography

For the Confident Camera Ham: Wedding Pictures with Dogs

Not all dogs are cut out to join you on the day of your wedding. And that’s okay! There’s plenty of ways to make sure they still get involved with your wedding.

A great method on how to include your dog in your wedding is featuring them on your Save the Dates or wedding invitations. Dogs at weddings aren’t always allowed, but if you have your engagement photography session outside, you can almost certainly bring your dog.

You can also include your dog in wedding pictures without bringing them to the wedding if you get ready at home. Lots of brides and grooms have their photographer come early to get pictures of the getting-ready process, and that’s the perfect time to include your dog. You can have your dog bridal look without involving them in the hustle of the day itself.

If you time it carefully, you could also include your dog in the wedding portraits without having them at the wedding ceremony or reception. Have your dog in wedding photos by hiring a sitter to bring the dog to the place where you and your party will take the wedding portraits. Normally these sessions take place outside, so it’s easy to include your dog there. Plus, there will be less people at this experience, since you don’t include every guest in the portrait session.

And who doesn’t love wedding pictures with dogs? These will make for incredible keepsakes for years to come.

How to Include a Dog in Your Wedding Without Them Attending

Even if there’s no way your dog can join you for the wedding in any capacity, it doesn’t meant they’ll be completely absent from the day. There are plenty of methods of how to incorporate your dog into your wedding without them present.

One way to include your dog of honor is having them featured on the cake topper. Shops like DesaltingFlower make amazing figurines that look just like your dog to include on top of the cake. NewWeddingSigns makes an adorable silhouette option that you can customize to include the couple and their pet.

Dogs at Weddings How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding: Dog wedding cake

In addition to dog wedding cakes, think about ways you can include your dog in your table centerpieces. Find ways to include a photo of your dog in your table numbers, that way everyone gets to smile when they see your dog.

Come Up With Unique Dogs in Wedding Ideas

No one knows your pooch better than you. So no one knows how to incorporate your dog into your wedding better than you and your partner. Maybe your dog has a special talent they can showcase on the big day. Maybe you can get them on Zoom so they can watch the ceremony from home. There’s no shortage of creative ways to get dogs in weddings. We hope that you find the best dogs in wedding ideas that are just as special as you and your dog.

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