How to Pamper Your Dog: The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes

The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes remind you to treat yourself; who doesn’t deserve a monthly gift in the mail? And who’s more deserving of gifts than your dog? When you order some of the best dog subscription boxes, you give them variety in their toy, treat, and self-care product collections. You might stumble upon a product you never would have considered purchasing and it becomes your dog’s new all-time favorite.

But where do you start? How do you find the best dog subscription box that’s right for your pup? With so much variety, it’s tough to know where to begin.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best dog subscription boxes based on what type of dog you have. Let’s get started!

Note: If you order a box through one of these links, we might get a small commission. Thanks so much!

Best Dog Subscription Box Overall: BarkBox

The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes BarkBox

There’s no denying that BarkBox leads the industry as the best dog subscription box. You get to customize each month’s Bark Boxes to fit your pup’s needs, and there’s different themes each month. When we got ours, it was a Down-Under Aussie theme. Winston loved his toy platypus and “Dinkum Duckie Tucker” duck and carrot treats. Who knew they made duck treats for dogs? I have no idea what duck tastes like, but my dog does.

They also have a featured theme that’s normally based on a popular movie, so if you’re a nerd, you can grab a box based on your favorite film. Because who doesn’t need a Dr. Strange and Spiderman toy for their dog?

You get to customize the box based on your dog’s size, breed, diet restrictions, and more. It’s not a one-size-fits-all experience, and that’s what makes it special. Plus, if you’re new to BarkBox, they usually have a pretty good promotion running so the BarkBox cost is pretty low (or free) for your first box. We love bargains, so that’s how we got our first BarkBox subscription!

Dog Monthly Subscription Boxes for Do-Gooders: Rescue Box

We here at Creative Haven Homestead are pretty transparent about our love for rescue animals. Heck, we have 9 right now! That’s why we love the Rescue Box.

With every box you order, it feeds at least 142 shelter animals through the Subscribe 2 Good™ program! They have cat and dog boxes, and each comes with 5 items that go for $40 retail. You can choose a box for small, medium, or large dogs and the cost doesn’t change.

So if you want some fun surprises for your pet each month while you donate to a good cause, the Rescue Box is definitely your best option.

Best Monthly Dog Box for Toy Shredders: Bark Super Chewer

Best Monthly Dog Box for Toy Shredders: Bark Super Chewer

We all know those dogs who shred their toys the instant you bring new ones home. That’s why BarkBox decided to make a dog gift box specifically tailored to destructive puppers. While of course they aren’t completely indestructible, they’re pretty dang close. They at least extend the life of the toys to what a normal dog would do to your average chew toy.

I got one of these years ago and we still have the toys from it. Winston is more inclined to give toys kisses and use them as pillows, but our new dog Aloy is a bit more destructive and she hasn’t ripped a single hole in them. She’s certainly not the most aggressive dog I’ve seen when it comes to playtime, but she can shred toys when she wants to. If your dog sees every new toy as a challenge to see how fast they can disintegrate it, then you’ll want to check out the Super Chewer box.

Best Dog Subscription Box for Multiple Dogs: Pampered Pooch

If you’re a multi-dog household like us, getting multiple dog subscription boxes would add up pretty quickly. We like Pooch Perks because it offers a box that’s best for multiple dogs. With this tier of box, you get 3-4 premium toys, 3 USA-made treat bags, 2 all natural small chews or treats, 1 premium accessory, and 1 waste bag roll. No more worrying if you’ll have enough to go around with one box. Plus, you can choose a month to month, three month, six month, or full year plan. It’s like getting Barkbox for multiple dogs without the pricetag!

Best Dog Grooming Subscription Boxes: Bark Bright

The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes Bark Bright

While it’s fun to get toys and treats, it’s important to focus on self-care as well. We all know it’s essential to brush our own teeth. But it’s just as important for your dog to have clean teeth, too. Without regular cleaning, you get plaque-build up. At best, your dog has stinky breath (and no one wants that). At worst, they can get infections that enter the bloodstream and spread to the rest of their body.


That’s why you should consider getting a tooth-cleaning subscription box like Bark Bright. It makes cleaning teeth easy: even for the dogs who won’t let you get within 10 feet of them with a tooth brush. In each box, you get a month’s supply of dental chews and doggie toothpaste. All you need to do to get your dog’s teeth clean is squeeze a line of toothpaste into the chew, offer them the chicken dental treat, and let them do all the work for you. It’s like offering them their own edible toothbrush. And since you have it on a subscription, it’s one less thing to remember to pick up at the pet supply store.

Make the Most of Your Dog Toy Subscription Boxes

Getting new toys in the mail each month is incredibly exciting for your dog. That’s what makes a pet box so fun. But there are no monthly subscription boxes for dogs that are better than playtime with you. You can get your dog the most expensive monthly dog box, but nothing beats playtime with their person. So when you get that pup box subscription in the mail, you should be just as excited as they are. You just got brand new ways to enjoy playtime with your dog. How awesome is that?

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